JNS Diamond Imports, Inc., Wholesale Diamonds, Custom Jewelry Design, Fine Jewelry.Address for JNS Diamond Imports, Inc., 5433 Westheimer, Suite 1107, Houston, TX 77065, 713-627-9477.

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About JNS Diamond Imports
JNS Diamond Imports quest to overcome challenges in the industry has brought them success and knowledge. JNS Diamonds has been located in Houston's Galleria district since 1983, and has been owned and operated by Nicole K. Wysocki with a clientele base that reaches far and wide. Originally from the south of Greece, Nicole is an accomplished artist as well as an experienced diamond broker. She has traveled the world extensively and her expertise is a valuable resource to customers who want to define their own personal style.

Women of the Year - NAPEW.Over the years, that passion for the World's favorite jewel....Diamonds! has been unconquerable at JNS Diamonds and is what their customers have come to rely on. As a direct importer of diamonds from Belgium, Israel and South Africa, JNS Diamonds brings their customers quality, value and of course that special stone most hearts warm for. The word diamond comes from the Greek term ADAMAS, which translates into "unconquerable". Run with integrity, Nicole offers her customers a private consultation, and individual attention with a high degree of sensitivity to both their needs, wants and budget. Beyond the large selection of diamonds at JNS Diamonds, value and cutting edge prices are one resource that her clients have come to rely on and trust.

    Member of Jewelers Board of Trade.        Gemological Institute of America - member.         Woman of the Year - National Association of Professional & Executive Women.